Things To Do Before Selling Your Used Phones In Dubai

There are several essential things to do first if you want to give away or sell your old smartphone or tablet.

You don’t want to transfer the personal data to anybody else by mistake.

We’ll clarify how your mobile can clean so that it’s good news before it changes hands and we will recommend places for donation or sales if you don’t know what to do about your old phone.

you can sell your used mobile at

When deleting your data from your old phone, some essential things have to be done, mentioned below.

Take off your SIM card from you used to phone

The first thing you have to get your SIM card out when you ready an old phone for a new home.

Your old man probably has lots of contacts stored in it, so you don’t want to abandon it, even if you receive a new SIM on your new phone.

Dismantling / Delete memory card

Remove the SD card from your used phone in Dubai when you have a microSD card slot. Search for space on your phone edge or behind the cover of the plug.

Copy as many images, applications and documents you can quickly bring to your new smartphone before you can delete the wallet.

Remove your details

The next step is to remove your data from your mobile phone. There are two easy ways to do this:

  • Either go to Settings to check for the section backup/restore
  • Or use hardware to manually.

Before taking this step, be sure you have a full backup of all your data.

It is also essential to ensure before you wipe off your mobile that you have signed off your Google account (and Samsung, if applicable).

 If not, it may not enable by the person receiving your address, because of the device locke to your password.

How to backup your data on Android

The following information deleted:

  1. Settings of Google Account
  2.  User settings setup
  3. Installed apps
  4. Music
  5.  Images

and Another application that Connected user accounts (Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, etc.) is removed.

 Clean your used mobile for sale

The next thing that you should do after the inside of the used phones in Dubai is clean, too.

Maybe you can’t do a lot with marks on the glass or wear and tear, but you can sell them all around the monitor without grubby fingerprint.

You should add a screen protector and remove the battery cover if you want to attract an underneath the buyer (if you have one).

Add a screen protector too if you don’t have one already.

Rebox your used mobile for sale in Abu Dhabi

If you’re an excellent Android user, you will keep your old Android phone’s box, bits and pieces.

Smartphones come with all sorts of goodies–from USB chargers and headphones through to SIM devices for earbud replacement rubbers.

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